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My favorite Olympians! 

Congratulations to Meryl Davis and Charlie White on their Gold Medal performance!

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Bucket List.

  1. Meet a prairie dog in its natural habitat
  2. Ride a horse
  3. Camp in a tent
  4. Bathe under a waterfall
  5. Build my dream house from the ground up
  6. Go on a mission trip
  7. Graduate college
  8. Take a road trip up the eastern coast of the U.S. all the way to Maine
  9. Take a road trip up the California coast
  10. See the tulip fields in Europe during full bloom
  11. Sleep in a castle
  12. Sponsor a child(ren)
  13. Visit my sponsored child(ren)
  14. See Celine Dion in concert
  15. Spend some personal time with an elephant
  16. Grow my own vegetables
  17. Grow a tree that produces fruit
  18. Grow a vine that produces fruit
  19. Go to the Ellen show
  20. Join a gym
  21. Learn to shoot a gun with accuracy and obtain a permit to carry it
  22. Give playing the piano another shot 
  23. Spend the night on the beach
  24. Go back to Disney World
  25. Play Belle in a musical
  26. Work in a bookstore
  27. Design and build my dream closet
  28. Swim with a dolphin (not in captivity)
  29. Go on an African safari
  30. Learn to sew and make something
  31. Read the entire Bible from beginning to end
  32. Buy my own car
  33. Live in a different country for an extended period of time
  34. Fly fish
  35. See the coast of Ireland
  36. Go to a ball
  37. Go to the Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan
  38. Go to a masquerade
  39. Swim in a lagoon
  40. Visit an non-commercialized island
  41. See Andrea Bocelli in concert in Italy
  42. Go whale watching
  43. Go paddle-boarding
  44. Visit Ireland and see the Cliffs of Moher
  45. Visit Italy
  46. Visit Greece
  47. Walk through a rainforest
  48. Ride a bicycle buit for two
  49. See the Mississippi River
  50. to be continued…

I thought I would take this time to reminisce about all 13 years of school, kindergarten through 12th grade. I loved to learn. I hated to test.

In this post I am going to try to remember all that I can about each year as well as all my teacher’s names. This is going to be interesting…


Wesley Lakes Elementary

Kindergarten: Ms. Sutton

Required nap time. It was bound to happen. I got in trouble for talking at nap time. I had to pull my Kelly green card and my lime green card to reveal the nasty yellow card. This broke my kindergarten heart and I cried into the bosom of my paraprofessional for the remainder of nap time.  This is the first bad day that I can recall.

I got to go read with the 2nd graders because I was an advanced reader, thanks to my mother’s dedication at home. I thought that reading up a level made me cool.

I was allergic to milk up until about 4th grade. So, I got to drink juice and lemonade instead of milk from a carton.

1st grade: Ms. Powell

Ms. Powell read Serendipity books to us by Stephen Cosgrove. At the end of each book there was a moral to the story. I loved them so much that I had to have some of those books at home. I still have them today. My favorite was Bangalee. The life lesson was “Being clean and tidy makes life easier for yourself and others.”

 See the books here: http://stephencosgrove.com/pdf/Serendipity_Catalog.pdf

 I corresponded with my first pen-pal that I am still friends with on Facebook.


2nd grade: Ms. Stanley

We had an incubator and hatched baby ducklings.


Hickory Flat Elementary


3rd grade: Ms. Mauldin 

I made new friends at a new school.

We wore green and khaki uniforms.

I received my first “B” in science. This was my second broken heart.

I learned about magnets, to write in cursive, and learned to multiply by singing songs (the 7’s song I actually still remember. It was to the tune of “Happy Birthday”).

My daddy brought Butch, our family’s first dog, to show-and-tell.  I had previously been allergic to dogs, so this was a really big deal. I was so proud to have Butch.

I did the 3-legged race on field day and won.

I received the Leadership Award.

The guy I sat beside had a really messy desk. It really irritated me.


4th grade: Ms. Holland 

We learned about the states and capitals. I was assigned the state of Idaho. I learned the capital is Boise and read a lot about potatoes. We also did a group video project on regions of the United States. I still have this video.


5th grade: Ms. Toreno & Ms. Wellden

I had my first sex-education class. The girls were separated from the boys. I remember being surprised about how little these girls knew about puberty and sex.  I was thankful for what my mother had taught me.

When I think of 5th grade, I think of Warheads, the sour candy. I used to get Grammy and Papa to buy me a huge jug of them at Sam’s and I would bring them to school and pass them out to all of my friends.

I was obsessed with collecting Got Milk ads and my mom brought marshmallow cream and we took class pictures with milk mustaches in our D.A.R.E. shirts.

 Union Grove Middle School

 6th grade: Ms. Toreno & Ms. Wellden:

We made pop-up books in Ms. Toreno’s class (which I loved) and raced Roman chariots when we studied the Roman Empire in Ms. Wellden’s class.

 Gym class. We had to change out our clothes, and somehow this changed everything. I distinctly remember the overwhelming smell of Sweet Pea from Bath & Body Works in the locker room. I started shaving my legs because everyone else did and I was embarrassed for others to see them unshaved. This was the year of cheerleading shorts. I was not allowed to roll mine, and I had to buy them a size bigger so my bottom wouldn’t hang out. Someone stole my navy cheerleading shorts and grey “Goddess in Training” t-shirt out of my locker.

 This is the first year that I can recall peer pressure, popularity, and gossip.

Everyone wore those distasteful white shell necklaces, probably an influence from Laguna Beach. Of course I didn’t think they were distasteful them. I wore one religiously.

I was introduced to Phantom of the Opera in Mr. Fowler’s music class. I’ve loved it ever since.

I took my first typing class with Ms. Shepard. I received my second “B.”

6th grade keywords: Soffe shorts/cheerleading shorts, Abercrombie & Fitch, group pictures, braces, awkward

 7th grade: Ms. Evans, Ms. Spooner, Ms Liberatore, & Ms. Carden

September 11. I was in Ms. Liberatore’s class when the planes struck. I had no idea what buildings were hit.

 I strongly disliked Ms. Evan class, Pre-algebra. I received my third “B.”

 I remember lots of worksheets in Ms. Spooner’s social studies class, like large packets every day.


8th grade: Ms. Naftel (Science), Ms. Burns (Social Studies), Ms. Hurtte (English), & Ms. Steele (Reading)…um did I take Math this year?

 My first boyfriend [insert all drama, tears, PDA (public display of affection) here]. That’s all I have to say about that.

 I bought lots of spirit sport ribbons that stuck on my shirt to support the boyfriend’s various sporting events. 

 Got Mono. I was absent and sick a lot.

 We read “To Kill a Mockingbird” in Ms. Steele’s class and I really enjoyed it, except for that day I had to leave the room in the middle of Popcorn Reading due to more tearful boyfriend drama.

 We went on a Georgia Studies trip that year [insert more boyfriend drama].

 My first boyfriend break-up.


Union Grove High School

9th grade: Ms. Crumbly (English), Mr. Franklin (Algebra I), Mr. Harris (Biology)

 Boyfriend #2.

We read Romeo and Juliet.

Played my first team sport ever: volleyball

I ate Nacho Cheese Doritos, a Mr. Pibb, & a Rice Krispie Treat every day for lunch.

Mr. Harris threw a chair at my friend.

I was crowned Miss Teen Henry County.

10th grade: Ms. Lang (AP World History), Ms. Guigino (Geometry)

I got Mono again. I had to have a home-bound teacher this time. Mrs. McKay was awesome.

I strongly disliked AP World History. I did not receive college credit.

I remember very little about this year.

First job: Truett’s Grill


11th grade: Mr. Ford (English) Mr./Ms.(Algebra II)? Ms. Gwaltney (Chemistry) Mr. Ms.? (U.S. History)


I dressed up as Confucius for an English project. We read the Great Gatsby and listened to soundtrack instrumental music. We bought Mr. Ford a light saber for a gift.

I was crowned Miss Union Grove High School.


12th grade: Ms. McKinley (Trigonometry) Ms. Martin (Government and Economics), Mr. Bohlke (AP Psychology) & Mr. Goffey (Environmental Science)


Boyfriend #3.

Mr. Goffey rode his bicycle to class.

We sang about the brain in psychology. I did not receive college credit. I had to retake it in college.


It’s weird but I can barely remember my final years of high school. This is probably because I spent almost every weekend in Myrtle Beach! I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. I am having a really hard time filling in the gaps without looking in the yearbook. It’s weird what you remember and what you don’t. What do you remember?

All girls are princesses.

Miss Minchin: Don’t tell me you still fancy yourself a princess? Child, look around you! Or better yet, look in the mirror.

Sara Crewe: I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses. All of us. Didn’t your father ever tell you that? Didn’t he?
A Little Princess (1995)
A Little Princess

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"Make it ‘our’ problem, not ‘your’ problem. Move from me-ness to we-ness in your relationship." - John Gottman

"Make it ‘our’ problem, not ‘your’ problem. Move from me-ness to we-ness in your relationship." - John Gottman

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Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate,
And though I oft have passed them by,
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun.
— [J.R.R. Tolkien]

My Grammy…

  • makes the best fried chicken.
  • is saddened as she watches her friends get sick and pass away.
  • loves to watch Wheel of Fortune.
  • warns me about rapists, stranglers, and speed traps.
  • reads every night before she goes to bed.
  • uses the word “common” as meaning of inferior quality/lower class. For example, “Don’t say that. It makes you sound so common!”
  • scratches my back like no one ever has or will.
  • hates it when I cut my hair.
  • wears only beautiful silky nightgowns to bed.
  • loves and misses her mother (MeeMaw) so much. 
  • dislikes Obama.
  • sings alto.
  • keeps up with the news.
  • is God-fearing.
  • calls the toilet the commode.
  • raised 4 kids by herself.
  • cares so much for others.
  • gives selflessly.
  • believes that chivalry is not dead.
  • loves a good steak.
  • is hot natured.
  • reminds me that I am very blessed. 
  • adores gospel music.
  • paints her fingernails mauve.
  • frequents garage sales
  • taught me how to clean.
  • loves me and I don’t know who I’d be or what I’d do without her.

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